Monday, July 23, 2007

The Dark Nebula is plunged into The Chaos War

Having endured the trials brought on by 'Asylum' The Dark Nebula is faced with his next crisis, or more to the point IT seeks him out.
The living embodiment of the concept of Chaos has manifested to subdue & neutralise the Dark Nebula, by splitting him into his component parts, that of Col. Mark Medula & the Caileuan, Cerellus.
What is hoped to be achieved by this division - & is it something that can be reversed, or even consented to by these two dueling parties who couldn't be happier now that they are finally apart?
The answers to these questions & the most important one, what is Chaos' ultimate goal can only be found in 'The Chaos War', a two-part epic, commencing this week on

The Southern Squadron in New Zealand in 'Who Dares Wins'

The Southern Squadron in their pursuit of political incorrectness (at least in the case of the Nightfighter) find themselves butting heads with their 'Kiwi' counterparts, the Waitangi Rangers in a joint exercise where things may or may not go pear-shaped. Will Lt. Smith be able to keep the peace or is the Nightfighter's big mouth going to land him in hot water with the New Zealand authorities as well as those they're supposed to deal with. The only way you'll find out is to check out the latest misadventure of this dysfunctional far-from-fantastic four in 'Who Dares Wins', starting this week at - oh & check out the brilliant cover by Mike Grell!