Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Dark Nebula turns 25! - & I'm not talking issues here!

2007 marks 25 years since The Dark Nebula made his debut Down Under & in New Zealand. Yes, D.N. first hit the shelves back in 1982 - the same week that Nexus debuted! It is only fitting that www.thedarknebula.com is fully up & running with more on offer every day. Already the new version of the classic origin has been widely cheered & received & the new version of the second adventure, The Earth Alive, is being serialised - the origin of Planet Earth, the first hero with earth-based powers created to finally make his appearance on the world stage.Soon the adventures of The Southern Squadron will be available on the website, as many of their adventures & the Dark Nebula's intersect it is only fitting the full story is told. The Southern Squadron has been on the world stage before via a classic mini-series through Malibu back in the early 90's but they'll be presented in sequence with the adventures of the Dark Nebula, culminating in the D.N. / Squadron crossover which has never been seen outside of Australia & New Zealand in the pages of the classic Dark Nebula #7 & #8 - all for the first time in brilliant colour.As well, the adventures of the Golden Age Southern Cross continues - a brilliant period-piece which has had some people ask 'was this an actual hero of the Golden Age of comics?'.It's all systems go for The Dark Nebula's 25th year - oh, & did I fail to mention that new adventures are being worked on as I type this?Make the Dark Nebula part of your life, go to www.thedarknebula.com and find out how a classic hero from the past has made the transition into the future.


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