Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Hold On To Your Braincells - Here comes the Southern Squadron!

Starting Tuesday the Dark Nebula website is running on all cylinders with the serialisation of The Southern Squadron, Australia's own trouble-shooters.The Squadron has already made their debut overseas in a couple of brilliant mini-series with Aircell comics back in the 90's but this is the first time that the Squadron will be seen anywhere in full colour.Starting with two superb show-piece stories by creator Dave de vries & Gary Chaloner, 'Moving Home' & 'Behind Bars', you'll discover why the Southern Squadron are as much-loved as Dark Nebula Down Under.Meet Lt. Smith, The Nightfighter, The Dingo & the Modern Age Southern Cross an unlikely & sometimes dysfunctional combination that somehow always come through & save the day - only at http://www.thedarknebula.com.The Southern Squadron & The Dark Nebula live in the same 'universe' & move around in similar circles - fighting the same foes & even each other somewhere down the track. When these guys meet, real sparks fly.For old & new fans alike this will be a real treat & a welcome addition to the Dark Nebula website.It also means there will now be a new page of sequential art on the Dark Nebula website every day, with Dark Nebula, The Southern Squadron & The Golden Age Southern Cross.Check it out - over 12,000 have already. Cheers, Tad


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