Tuesday, June 05, 2007

And now.. The Grandstander!

Heroes are always defined by the villains they encounter & this story is The Dark Nebula's first encounter with one of his greatest enemies, The Grandstander - the smuggest, self-serving son of a bitch you're going to love to hate to love.He's a killer-for-hire with flair, style, taste, charm, wit, devilishly handsome & he's forcing me to type every word of this.Some characters take on a life of their own & the Grandstander has a knack of finding himself in the spotlight, largely because that's the way he likes it.Careful, he'll take you off-guard - you'll find yourself cheering for him, then he'll kill you where you stand. He may be even good enough to take out The Dark Nebula.There's only one way to find out - The Challenge of The Grandstander, starting this week on http://www.thedarknebula.comDon't forget the popcorn!Cheers,Tad


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