Sunday, September 09, 2007

The Dark Nebula 'Origins' out now at

Finally after many months & much deliberation, the first Dark Nebula graphic novel in 15 years is finally available in print through you can enjoy your very own prestige edition copy of The Dark Nebula in full colour.'Origins' collects the first two stories that launched the cult Australian series on the web in time for the character's 25th Anniversary with fresh art re-imagining yesterday's hero as he leaps into the world of tomorrow. from the far reaches of outer space to the grime filled back alleys of a city filled with crime discover how a hero is made & a prophesy is fulfilled!Just click on the link & see for yourself.
This 72 page trade paperback is priced very competitively with other mainstream graphic novels & makes for an attractive showpiece on the bookshelf.Check it out, the magic is now yours to own - & check out the on-line adventures at


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