Tuesday, June 05, 2007

& the Walls come Tumbling Down!

Things are moving at a cracking pace on the Dark Nebula website, http://www.thedarknebula.com & with print editions just around the corner, the subscription wall has come down.Now's a great chance to check out all the material that's been tucked away behind the subscription wall.The bulk of the inventory is coloured & work is progressing on the coloured print editions, which I've had quite a few inquiries about.All this stuff has only ever been available in black & white & the response to the coloured material on the website has been phenomenal.Project Wonderful ads are up on the website & any of you who has internet business should take advantage of the 'honeymoon rates'on te website.If you haven't as yet, come & check out Australia's greatest vintage superheroes who've made the leap into the new millenium. Cheers, Tad


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