Sunday, September 09, 2007

The Southern Cross Special Edition - out now at

After much time & deliberation The Golden Age Southern Cross' adventures are collected now for the first time, in full colour, & available on

Average bloke Gordon Russell, who stars in The Southern Cross radio serial, through a strange twist of fate actually becomes the character in real life & there you have the premise for The 'Golden Age' Southern Cross. Gordon finds himself facing saboteurs, siding with secret agents & an evil plot to assasinate the Prime Minister! Told in the 'Golden Age' tradition of Jack Kirby & Will Eisner this story features all the thrills & excitement of yesteryear, when men were men & nasty was spelt 'N-A-Z-I'.

This 62 page trade paperback is priced competitively with other mainstream graphic novels & makes for an attractive showpiece on the bookshelf.

Just follow the link -

The magic is yours to own - & check out the on-line adventures at


Blogger Kirok of L'Stok said...

Did anything ever come of the idea of interesting the ABC in a Radio drama based on The Southern Cross? An audio drama about a Voice Actor who plays a super hero in a radio play but who really *is* the super hero in a comic book written by an imaginary writer called Tad ...

Seriously, there are some great new works coming out based on OTR. Even Canada has the Red Panda!


Kirok of L'Stok

11:16 PM  

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