Sunday, October 28, 2007

Everything kicks into high gear with 'The Trial of The Dark Nebula

It's often said it's always darkest before the dawn - truer words have never been spoken when it comes to The Trial of The Dark Nebula.In the events that led to the creation of The Dark Nebula, a champion of Life, created by Death, Mark Medula & the alien Cerellus of Caileu killed one another, with both being reborn in Mark Medula's body, while Cerellus remained a disembodied spirit in the recesses of Mark's mind.Now Mark Medula must face Caileuan law for the death of Cerellus. Good luck finding a defence as he is considered an inferior being & therefore unworthy of any defence at all. Worse, Mark's had his hands full keeping Cerellus under wraps - what happens when he's faced with a planet of Caileuans, each gifted with the same psionic abilities?It's a no-win situation yet win Mark must, otherwise Earth will fall.Brace yourself for The Dark Nebula's greatest challenge yet in The Trial of The Dark Nebula, starting this week on


Blogger Oz said...

G'day. I like what I can access of the Dark Nebula and The Southern Squadron. I was worried Dark Neb was going to be a Firestorm ripoff, thankfully he's not.

Is there anywhere online I can get a full synopsis of the ongoing storylines for these comics? I have read all the freely available ones. Somewhere like the marvel and DC equivalents in wikipedia?

Is this blog ongoing as it has seemed to have stalled?

Also is there something wrong with the webcomicsnation forum? I've signed up but I'm yet to receive recognition and activation email for it.


5:56 PM  
Blogger gregalchin said...

Hi Tad,
Congratulations on the rebirth of the Dark Nebula. I stumbled upon it in a comic store in Bathurst today. (04/03/08).

I bought it then and there. It was a much welcomed blast from my past (Love the fridge magnets too!)

Wouldl love to chat as I am running some workshops with teachers about the place of comics in education.

All the best!

Greg Alchin

2:17 AM  

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