Sunday, October 28, 2007

Everything kicks into high gear with 'The Trial of The Dark Nebula

It's often said it's always darkest before the dawn - truer words have never been spoken when it comes to The Trial of The Dark Nebula.In the events that led to the creation of The Dark Nebula, a champion of Life, created by Death, Mark Medula & the alien Cerellus of Caileu killed one another, with both being reborn in Mark Medula's body, while Cerellus remained a disembodied spirit in the recesses of Mark's mind.Now Mark Medula must face Caileuan law for the death of Cerellus. Good luck finding a defence as he is considered an inferior being & therefore unworthy of any defence at all. Worse, Mark's had his hands full keeping Cerellus under wraps - what happens when he's faced with a planet of Caileuans, each gifted with the same psionic abilities?It's a no-win situation yet win Mark must, otherwise Earth will fall.Brace yourself for The Dark Nebula's greatest challenge yet in The Trial of The Dark Nebula, starting this week on