Tuesday, June 05, 2007

The Dark Nebula has a 'time-out' in 'Asylum'

Mark Medula is The Dynamic Dark Nebula - or is he? Could it all be a delusion & this poor, sad, pathetic wretch cowering in a corner of a mental institution is simply mentally unhinged? Or could something even more sinister be brewing. While other mainstream comics have done this theme (or something similar) since this was the first, finally available outside Australia for the first time.'Asylum', starting this week on www.thedarknebula.com

The Southern Squadron - Behind Bars!

We've seen what happened when the Squadron (& the Uncanny A-Men >groan<) Moved Home, now check out what happens when the Squadron finds itself literally Behind Bars, starting next week at http://www.thedarknebula.com Oh, & did I forget to mention that they face a Dark Nebula villain? None other than The Grandstander! Cheers, Tad

& the Walls come Tumbling Down!

Things are moving at a cracking pace on the Dark Nebula website, http://www.thedarknebula.com & with print editions just around the corner, the subscription wall has come down.Now's a great chance to check out all the material that's been tucked away behind the subscription wall.The bulk of the inventory is coloured & work is progressing on the coloured print editions, which I've had quite a few inquiries about.All this stuff has only ever been available in black & white & the response to the coloured material on the website has been phenomenal.Project Wonderful ads are up on the website & any of you who has internet business should take advantage of the 'honeymoon rates'on te website.If you haven't as yet, come & check out Australia's greatest vintage superheroes who've made the leap into the new millenium. Cheers, Tad

And now.. The Grandstander!

Heroes are always defined by the villains they encounter & this story is The Dark Nebula's first encounter with one of his greatest enemies, The Grandstander - the smuggest, self-serving son of a bitch you're going to love to hate to love.He's a killer-for-hire with flair, style, taste, charm, wit, devilishly handsome & he's forcing me to type every word of this.Some characters take on a life of their own & the Grandstander has a knack of finding himself in the spotlight, largely because that's the way he likes it.Careful, he'll take you off-guard - you'll find yourself cheering for him, then he'll kill you where you stand. He may be even good enough to take out The Dark Nebula.There's only one way to find out - The Challenge of The Grandstander, starting this week on http://www.thedarknebula.comDon't forget the popcorn!Cheers,Tad

Hold On To Your Braincells - Here comes the Southern Squadron!

Starting Tuesday the Dark Nebula website is running on all cylinders with the serialisation of The Southern Squadron, Australia's own trouble-shooters.The Squadron has already made their debut overseas in a couple of brilliant mini-series with Aircell comics back in the 90's but this is the first time that the Squadron will be seen anywhere in full colour.Starting with two superb show-piece stories by creator Dave de vries & Gary Chaloner, 'Moving Home' & 'Behind Bars', you'll discover why the Southern Squadron are as much-loved as Dark Nebula Down Under.Meet Lt. Smith, The Nightfighter, The Dingo & the Modern Age Southern Cross an unlikely & sometimes dysfunctional combination that somehow always come through & save the day - only at http://www.thedarknebula.com.The Southern Squadron & The Dark Nebula live in the same 'universe' & move around in similar circles - fighting the same foes & even each other somewhere down the track. When these guys meet, real sparks fly.For old & new fans alike this will be a real treat & a welcome addition to the Dark Nebula website.It also means there will now be a new page of sequential art on the Dark Nebula website every day, with Dark Nebula, The Southern Squadron & The Golden Age Southern Cross.Check it out - over 12,000 have already. Cheers, Tad

Project Wonderful is now set up on the Dark Nebula website

Hi, we've just set up the Project Wonderful aspect of the Dark Nebula website so, in its formative stage, you'll be able to grab your free ad-space - so it's a case of first in, best dressed. With over 12,000 hits to the D.N. website in under 6 months it's as good a reason as any to take advantage of that sort of traffic. Cheers, Tad

Even The Dark Nebula has Nightmares

'Nightmare', the latest installment on the Dark Nebula website is the only Dark Nebula story I never wrote. Shea Anton Pensa, who went on to do The Butcher & The Brave & the Bold for D.C. wrote & illustrated this gem 20 years ago & I added the colours to it recently. It's a glimpse at what happens when The Dark Nebula sleeps - he visits the land of the dead & sometimes that's not a pleasant experience at all.Also, starting with this installment we're trying something a little different - the latest page uploaded to http://www.thedarknebula.com will be free to view, then goes behind the subscriber wall when it's superceded by the next page to come up. I love this medium, so many fun options to play with!

Dark Nebula turns 25! - & I'm not talking issues here!

2007 marks 25 years since The Dark Nebula made his debut Down Under & in New Zealand. Yes, D.N. first hit the shelves back in 1982 - the same week that Nexus debuted! It is only fitting that www.thedarknebula.com is fully up & running with more on offer every day. Already the new version of the classic origin has been widely cheered & received & the new version of the second adventure, The Earth Alive, is being serialised - the origin of Planet Earth, the first hero with earth-based powers created to finally make his appearance on the world stage.Soon the adventures of The Southern Squadron will be available on the website, as many of their adventures & the Dark Nebula's intersect it is only fitting the full story is told. The Southern Squadron has been on the world stage before via a classic mini-series through Malibu back in the early 90's but they'll be presented in sequence with the adventures of the Dark Nebula, culminating in the D.N. / Squadron crossover which has never been seen outside of Australia & New Zealand in the pages of the classic Dark Nebula #7 & #8 - all for the first time in brilliant colour.As well, the adventures of the Golden Age Southern Cross continues - a brilliant period-piece which has had some people ask 'was this an actual hero of the Golden Age of comics?'.It's all systems go for The Dark Nebula's 25th year - oh, & did I fail to mention that new adventures are being worked on as I type this?Make the Dark Nebula part of your life, go to www.thedarknebula.com and find out how a classic hero from the past has made the transition into the future.

This Earth Alive!

After the huge success of placing the Origin of the Dark Nebula on the website in huge blocks for quick introduction, regular updates appear on www.thedarknebula.com with the serialisation of the second Dark Nebula adventure, 'This Earth Alive'. Updates appear every Monday, Wednesday & Friday. This is guaranteed as the material was all completed some time ago &, in fact the bulk of the inventory material to follow was done over 15 years ago. I've been busy colouring away & not only is the complete Dark Nebula inventory close to completion in colour but the Southern Squadron isn't too far from hitting the website either. It's all systems go at Dark Nebula Central!